Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in average daily value transferred

Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in average daily value transferred. This means Ethereum is used more than Bitcoin for moving real value between people. This metric does not include ERC20 tokens and just native ETH transactions.

eth vs btc

Some might say that’s because people who hold Bitcoin don’t want to give it up. It’s a feature not a bug. It’s a store of value it doesn’t need to be used for coffee.  Venmo and Visa work well for that, as does the good old-fashioned greenback.  Bitcoin’s best use case is buying more dollars tomorrow than you paid for it today.

Well, it’s a bug if you want adoption. The DEFI boom. People making transactions for giving liquidity. Ethereum has been surpassing Bitcoin in average daily value transferred for a while now, because of ERC20 tokens, in particular Tether.

What’s new is that ETH surpassed BTC in total daily value transferred. Bitcoin can be digital gold. Ethereum will be a large chunk of everything else.

Both bitcoin and eth are here to stay and both will be HUGE. All these “fights” between maximalists (bitcoin and eth) is irrelevant.

Bitcoin is digital gold. It will surpass gold’s market cap in the following years.