STAX is new Ledger hardware wallet – Ledger STAX price

Ledger has been behind couple of amazing hardware cryptocurrency wallets – Nano S and Nano X. Today, it is launching something revolutionary – STAX and it is beautiful. It has been launched in partnership with famous iPod creator Tony Fadell.

stax ledger

Yes, a former Apple engineer has designed this beautiful new hardware wallet. Price of Ledger STAX wallet is slated to be $279 and launch date is sometime in March 2023.

Will this mark the end of Nano S and Nano X? No, absolutely not. Ledger STAX will be sold alongside Ledger Nano X and cheaper Nano S. STAX is premium hardware wallet whose main focus is making self custody of funds popular.

Self custody has gained immense traction after the collapse of FTX, 2nd most popular cryptocurrency exchange. The wallet makes of E-ink screen that is also being used in Amazon Kindle. This ensures crisp text and stunningly long battery life. Another amazing feature will be ability to show your photos and NFTs.

Ledger STAX will be sold in retail outlets as well – alongside Nano S and Nano X. Both Nano S and X function same as a USB drive so if you are looking for something different, make sure to check out Ledger STAX hardware wallet.