Use new Ethereum address on to avoid losing funds

CEX cryptocurrency exchange would like to inform its users that starting July 15, 2020, 00:00 UTC old ETH wallet addresses will no longer be supported on CEX.​IO. will be switching off servers and code that supports old ETH wallets on that date.

cex new ethereum address

From July 15 on, they will support only current ETH addresses that were introduced starting August 2018. After this transition, any funds sent to old ETH addresses will be lost, and CEX exchange would not be able to restore them.

They strongly recommend users immediately update their ETH wallet address in their bots, mining pools, etc. Users can find their updated ETH deposit wallet address on the Deposit page. Always double-check it before making ETH deposits to CEX.​IO to avoid missing funds.

To create a new address, login into and go to funds > deposit to generate a new Ethereum address.

In order to avoid losing funds, make sure to use your new ETH wallet address on CEX exchange. As of July 15, 2020, old ETH addresses used on CEX.IO prior to 2018 won’t be supported.