DWF Labs invest $2.5M in RoseonX finance platform

DWF Labs has just made an announcement that it would investing $2.5M in RoseonX, which is a decentralized finance platform. RoseonX will be launching its own DEX on April 18th 2023. This will improve RoseonX liquidity and derivatives trading. 


This investment by DWF labs has been done in form of ROSX tokens that were recently moved to Arbitrum from Binance Smart Chain. ROSX is native token of RoseonX DEX and it strives to become leading gamified decentralized derivatives trading platform by offering largest variety of financial products that act as bridge between CeFi and DeFi. 

The beta of this DEX will live on April 18th but if you are a VIP member or RoseonPass NFT member, you will be granted access to the exchange early. The exchange will also open genesis liquidity pools with higher rewards to incentivize users to add liquidity before official DEX launch. 

This partnership between DWF Labs and RoseonX will improve the upcoming DEX’s market position and attract more users to the decentralized finance space, whose growth has been incredibly explosive among the retail and institutional investors.