Binance Uganda delists Binance Coin

You never see a cryptocurrency exchange delisting its own coin but Binance seems to be the first one to do so. Binance Uganda has announced that it will be delisting their own, Binance Coin from the exchange.

binance delisting

Reason? Low volume. This is their statement,

At, we periodically review the trading volume and liquidity of the assets we list to make sure our high level of standard is met. Unfortunately, when this trading standard is not met, their performance is subject to review and may result in the delisting of the coin or token.

The Binance Coin will be removed at 10:00AM EAT 2020/09/17.

The exact trading pair to be removed is: BNB/UGX
Deposits of BNB will be closed at 2020/09/10 10:00 AM EAT.
Withdrawals of BNB from will continue to be supported until 2020/11/06 at 10:00 AM EAT.

If you have Binance coin stored on Binance Uganda, make sure to withdraw it before 6th November 2020. Last month, Binance Uganda removed Ethereum and Litecoin from their exchange.

It is very weird to see coins like Binance Coin, Ethereum and Litecoin not meeting their trading standards and as a result, they removed them from their crypto exchange.