Buying Bitcoin with a Bank Card: Freewallet Review

Freewallet is a multi-currency crypto wallet whose mission is making crypto transactions easy for everybody. Like with any advanced technology, blockchain systems employ intricate mechanisms and algorithms that may be too complicated for a regular user to understand and use. Over the years, with intuitive interface and competitive transactions fees, this technology was made available to 3 million Freewallet users worldwide. Currently, this wallet supports 100+ crypto assets including BTC, LTC, ETH and offers more than 20 single-currency wallets.


Registering a Freewallet Account

To start using Freewallet, you can sign up with just your Gmail or Facebook account, email address or your phone number. Since this is a custodial wallet, users can retrieve access to their account, should they need to, by using the email address provided during the registration process. Additionally, different types of wallets can be created and used within one account, including the multi-currency wallet as well as a variety of single-currency wallets. Conveniently, Freewallet is available for Web, iOS and Android so users can manage their account from a number of devices.

Freewallet Services

There are a variety of cryptocurrency services provided on Freewallet. For beginners in the crypto sphere, a bank card can be used to purchase a number of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, XRP.

Crypto can be exchanged with a fast and easy peer-to-peer transaction functionality. Users are given a fee estimate and can choose from one of the available BTC fees. If the transaction is completed within the Freewallet ecosystem between two users, it is completely free. The built-in exchange allows users to convert more than 100 assets within one application.

Additionally, a recent update of the exchange’s technology allows transactions to be executed in just 2-3 minutes at better rates and with enhanced anonymity.

Security Practices

For a comprehensive understanding of account security, Freewallet provides user accounts with security ratings ranging from “weak” to “strong” which encourages them to take advantage of all the available security measures. In addition to using a strong password and 4-digit PIN to access the account, users can enable 2-factor authentication on logins and when initiating a transaction. Another way to ensure that transactions are authorized by the account owner is by requiring more than one email address to confirm transactions. Additional security measures also include Touch ID, withdrawal limitations and active session control.

For New and Experienced Traders

Overall, Freewallet is living up to its promise of promoting the wide adoption of crypto technology. The service’s fast transactions, bank card purchases, competitive fee structure and smart security measures make entering the crypto market easy and convenient.  Even an inexperienced trader can use this application and manage their crypto funds hassle-free. Long-time members of the community can also take advantage of the variety of services and cryptocurrencies available, making Freewallet the go-to service for all your crypto needs.