Sushi Swap in trouble: Sushi Treasury state not good

Everyone can see the state of the treasury of Sushi project, the budget cuts the team has made, new tokenomics, feature parity or upgrade to the AMM stack, new product developments, and their BD team hard at work. These are not secrets. Sure, there are some fine details missing, for one reason or another incomplete, trying not to get their IP stolen.

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European Central Bank wants to ban cryptocurrencies

European Central Bank has proposed a ban on cryptocurrencies. Yes, but the ban is not on all cryptocurrencies, only on those with excessive ecological footprint. In other words, they want to ban all cryptos that make use of Proof of Work (PoW) that make use of ASIICS or graphics cards to mine new transactions, blocks and keep blockchain network secure.

European Central Bank
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WazirX accounts storing $8.14M worth of funds frozen by Income Tax Official

India’s Enforcement Directorate has frozen bank accounts of WazirX cryptocurrency exchange which is home to $8.14 million dollars or 64.67 crore rupees. Indian Income Tax team has published a long document on their portal where it says it has done search on one of directors of Zanmai Lab Pvt Ltd, the company behind WazirX crypto exchange

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Kampay listed on CoinField cryptocurrency exchange

KamPay focuses on reducing the number of unbanked citizens in Africa and teaching them channels, tools, and technologies that can improve their financial and personal lives. CoinField cryptocurrency exchange is delighted to announce that KamPay token is now available to trade on CoinField Exchange with the following pairs: KAMPAY/CFC and KAMPAY/USDT.

Kampay CoinField exchange
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Canadian Bitcoin users will have to provide recipient information to exchanges

Canada will be introducing some changes that will go in effect on April 1st 2022 where you will be required to provide information about the receipt of that transaction and that includes their name and address. This will only apply to those who are transacting more than 1000 CAD, no for small payments you will not have to provide any information. Coinbase and other cryptocurrency exchanges have already sent out messages about it to their users.

coinbase canada
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