Kampay listed on CoinField cryptocurrency exchange

KamPay focuses on reducing the number of unbanked citizens in Africa and teaching them channels, tools, and technologies that can improve their financial and personal lives. CoinField cryptocurrency exchange is delighted to announce that KamPay token is now available to trade on CoinField Exchange with the following pairs: KAMPAY/CFC and KAMPAY/USDT.

Kampay CoinField exchange

KamPay is a token on Ethereum blockchain and already listed on Coinmarketcap. Login to your CoinField account to trade KamPay today.

You can also buy and sell KamPay token elsewhere and this includes FMFW exchange, PancakeSwap, CoinTiger, CoinField and Hotbit. There is not much liquidity on those cryptocurrency exchanges so proceed with caution. Also, price is down 22% upon listing which is not a good sign especially when low liquidity tokens like these.

KamPay team has also deployed their contract on Binance Chain, which is main reason of it being available on PanCakeSwap, a decentralized Binance Smart Chain cryptocurrency exchange that lets you trade directly from your wallet. Instead of Ethereum, this crypto exchange makes use of BNB to pay gas fees.

There’s a cap to total number of KamPay tokens – 1B, but circulating supply, according to Coinmarketcap is 322M.