BitGrail, Webcoin declared bankrupt by Court in Florence

Today the Court in Florence declared both Webcoin and BitGrail bankrupt. The deadline for filing formal claims is 30 days before the hearings scheduled to examine assets and liabilities of the bankrupt companies. The two hearings have been scheduled in two different dates: 7 May 2019 for WebCoin; 21 May 2019 for BitGrail S.r.l.


Therefore the deadline to file formal claims are, respectively: 6 April 2019 and 19 April 2019. 

Here is what the Bomber said on telegram group said about this a while back.

in any case, the chances of avoiding bankruptcy are quite low IMHO. there are some aspects that I am not convinced that I was able to fully explain to the judges. if they are based exclusively on the outcome of technical report, there will not be much hope. the technical report was turned upside down at the end without the possibility of reply (which is not permitted by law, but made anyway). I hope the court takes this into consideration and looks at the previous version of the final report.

It is clear that he is way too confident here and is clearly playing the poor mouth.

So yes, we will see how it plays out.