Kyber Network 2019 roadmap and long term objectives unveiled

The team at Kyber Network has unveiled its roadmap for 2019. The team had an incredible 2018 and they have laid out their plans for 2019.

Kyber Network 2019 roadmap

The 3 Key Objectives:

* Expanding the scope of Kyber, by moving towards a permission less liquidity protocol that can be implemented on any smart contract enabled blockchain.

* Supporting the growth of the decentralized economy in 5 key areas: End user swaps, NFT and commerce payments, exchanges and trading, decentralized finance and liquidity provision.

* Protocol direction, implementation and treasury decisions to eventually be made by the Kyber community. Therefore, the technical, communication and governance framework must be established to grow a community with the passion, expertise and incentive to build Kyber together.

Wow that’s a big update! Awesome work Kyber team. I also think making a clearer distinction between KyberNetwork and KyberSwap is great. Kyber is and will be much more than just KyberSwap.

You can read the entire post here