Download Lyra2REv3 miner for mining Vertcoin after hard fork

Vertcoin is updating its mining algorithm to Lyra2REv3 to deal with the ASIC and FPGA miners. So it will be doing a hard fork of current blockchain at block 1080000. The difficulty will be forced down to 0x1b0ffff0 for 10 blocks after the fork before the usual KGW difficulty adjustment algorithm kicks in again to prevent the network from stalling due to the large expected decrease in network hashrate post-fork.

Lyra2REv3 miner

Since the old chain will not be usable, it is important that you move to new miner immediately after the hard fork.

Nvidia vertcoin miner

AMD vertcoin miner

As always, back up your wallet prior to upgrading. The algorithm is changing and thus it is a complete hard fork of the block chain. You need to have your mining software updated so look for the latest versions of that coming out here very soon. You need to make sure that anything dealing with vertcoin is the absolute latest version of the software no matter of your mining or if it’s a wallet or if it’s a pool that you’re running.