Binance delisting PHB, DNT, XLM, POE, NXS, OMG, AE, DUSK, SKY, WPR, RDN

Binance will be removing a bunch of pairs from its exchange. This is mainly done due to low liquidity.

binance delisting notice

The affected pairs include AE / BNB, APPC / BNB, BCPTBNB, CMT / BNB, DNT / ETH, DUSK / PAX, MTH / ETH, NXS / BNB, OMG / BNB, PHB / BNB, POE / ETH, RDN / BNB, SKY / BNB, WPR / ETH, XLM / PAX.

As you can see, this includes mostly either Ethereum (ETH) or Binance coin (BNB) pairs.

Trading of these pairs will be stopped on 2020/03/27 12:00 PM (UTC). Pairs will be removed on this very date as well. Last week, Binance removed AMB / BNB, DUSK / USDC, NULS / BNB, QSP / BNB and RCN / BNB at 2020/03/20 12:00 PM (UTC).

Fortunately, BTC pairs are not removed which is important since most of the users trade with bitcoin or USD pair if that is available. So, users can still trade the above assets in other trading pairs that are available on Binance.