Geth Illium Elite v1.9.18 has been released

Geth v1.9.18, called the Illium Elite just out for Ethereum. This geth release fixes a synchronization throttling degradation / hang, stabilizes transaction pool churn and fixes certain developer chain regressions.

Geth Illium Elite

If you want to build this release yourself, you can download code from here and compile it yourself.

Geth v1.9.18 is a bugfix release, fixing an occasional fast sync hang in the throttling mechanism (among other improvements):

Memory allocation micro-optimizations to improve raw EVM number crunching by 5% (#21336).
Geth v1.9.18 fixes a regression that made previously persisted –dev chains unable to load back up (#21352).
Geth v1.9.18 supports configurable developer account (and passphrase) in –dev mode (#21301).
Geth v1.9.18 fixes downloader throttling that degraded sync and occasionally locked it up (#21263).
Geth v1.9.18 fixes local gomobile building and fix iOS framework builds (#21361, #21362).
Fix stale transaction eviction bug, stabilizing pool churn (#21300).

Find the latest release a ethereum’s official github here.

This is a new Geth release, fresh off the source tree. It is announced by no-other than their team Twitter account, go_ethereum. For further updates, you should follow them.