Bancor V2 Mainnet to bring upgraded user interface

Bancor is a popular decentralized exchange for Ethereum tokens and today, they have announced that the Bancor v2 mainnet launch will bring other features as well. For instance, it has been revealed that with this v2 mainnet upgrade, users will be able to swap, provide liquidity, view APR & discover the best-performing pools on the Bancor Network.

Bancor V2 Mainnet

Intuitive user interface is super important for an exchange to succeed. Bancor is one of few companies that keep delivering their community updates on monthly basis.

Improving the UI is good for two reasons:

1. It can improve the quality of existing traders.
2. It will make it easier for newcomers to get into trading.

Unintuitive user interface is rampant on decentralized crypto currency exchanges. There are few exceptions and Bancor exchange is definitely one of them. When I see an exchange with bad user interface I cannot understand they exist to be honest.

DEXes are the future as they allow users to buy and sell crypto currencies without registering on an exchange. KYC turns off a lot of people.

So, we cannot wait to give the Bancor v2 a whirl. Excellent look and this is a great opportunity to snag some BNT token.