Dolla Coin scamming users over WhatsApp in India

scam alert

A lot of business users are getting messages on their WhatsApp about Dolla Coin. It is sad to see ICO people reverting to WhatsApp to scam users. These naive people are no way associated to cryptocurrency world and folks at Dolla coin think they will be able to scam users by touting plain stupid claims.

Dolla is a scam. Do not invest in it or anything that contacts you on your Whatsapp / telegram or whatever messenger you use.


My name is Sudipta and I am the Global Marketing Officer for Dolla.

We are a next generation cryptocurrency with 1 sec transaction confirmations and 1c fee per transaction – check out our tech wp here

We are doing an airdrop for Merchants who are willing to accept Dolla – it is 500 USD worth of DLA.

Join our Merchant Airdrop here:

If you have any questions please phone me on +88017599xxxx GMT+6 Time.

Note that phome number has been removed. The aforementioned message was received by my friend who is no even connected to anything cryptocurrency or bitcoin related.

While there are plenty of quality ICO projects, nobody should ever invest in an ICO that contacts you on your Whatsapp or telegram. It is 100 percent a scam.