Ledger Nano support for Nano currency coming in November

nano coin

Nano developer team has just released Nano Wallet Desktop v1.3.0 that brings better performance and security in Electron 3 and resolves multiple sync issues. They have also released information on what’s in the tunnel and that includes support for the Ledger Nano hardware wallet.

The team outlines that Ledger Nano support will be added in v2.1 that is planned to be released sometime in mid November 2018.

Ledger Nano is the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet company. Generally, if a cryptocoin gets support for a Ledger Nano, it results in a decent bull rally as it allows users to store their coins more securely.


* Nano node V16.1, resolving multiple sync issues
* Electron 3, bringing better performance and security

What’s Next

Planned for 1.4 (mid October)

* Up to 3x faster initial sync time on first run
* Ability to add and track multiple user-defined currencies

Planned for 2.0 (early November)

* A new way to choose your representatives (more details forthcoming)
* Address books

Planned for 2.1 (mid November)
* Ledger Nano support

Download now: https://nanowalletcompany.com/