Trezor wallet now supports Ethereum, ERC20 tokens and Ethereum Classic

Trezor wallet

Native support for Ethereum, ERC20 tokens and Ethereum Classic is now available in Trezor Beta Wallet by Trezor team. All you have to do is download the beta version of the Trezor wallet on your computer.

Keep in mind that support for ETH and ETC was already there but you had to use MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto or MetaMask to manage them, but now, both of them including ERC20 tokens are now natively supported in the Trezor beta wallet.

Once you have downloaded and installed the new wallet, select Ethereum or Ethereum Classic in the currency selector, located in the top-left corner, and proceed by clicking on “Go to Trezor Ethereum Wallet.” Then, you can start using the new interface right away.

In Summary tab, you can see total balance and the current exchange rate in a fiat currency of your choice. You can also use this tab to add a token of your choice to your wallet, and keep track of your balances for the selected tokens.

Move to Receive / Send tab, and you can use this to display your receiving address either in the text form or in the form of a QR code. The Send tab lets you send ETH/ETC. There are advanced settings present as well that let you set the Gas limit, Gas price and add additional data for the transaction.