Steem blockchain softfork resulting in account freezing

Justin Sun’s team have created a soft fork to freeze and potentially steal legitimate stake holders funds. So much for “sanctity of property” Justin was so vocal about. 7 out of 11 illegitimate witnesses run it.

Steem blockchain softfork

Clearly, not only everyone is happy with Justin Sun’s takeover over the Steam project. Some of the team members behind Steem have already forked the blockchain and created a new chain to decouple themselves from the Justin Sun’s leadership.

Softfork 0.22.888 features.

* Accounts that ran the version 0.23 during the Hardfork on Steem and were still in the Top 20 rank, shortly before the Hardfork.
* Accounts that proxied or directly voted to more than 10 witnesses running the version 0.23 on the Steem Blockchain during the hardfork with high influence.
* Accounts directly associated with operating these accounts.

Steem is under a great threat from what one might call a decentralization attack, whereby witnesses with real community votes are a threat to Justin Sun’s centralized voting and sock puppet witnesses.