MANY token exit scams costing people thousands of dollars

Developer behind MANY, an Ethereum token tricked another admin to add another owner on the $MOAR multi-sig dev wallet. He then waited until all other admins was asleep and dumped on the community. One of the most popular and well-known Cyptocurrency Twitter account, ImNotTheWolf was one of largest liquidity providers on MANY / ETH and MOAR / MANY pair on Uniswap decentralized exchange.

exit scam

He said on twitter that he woke up this morning to accusations of being called a scammer (again) when he had absolutely nothing to do with the dump. He accuses the main developer behind the coin, Magnus Vollen. In fact, he claims that he lost more money on this than most holders. The token price is destroyed as the main developer appears to have exit scammed by dumping tokens on the users and withdrawing his liquidity from Uniswap.

He says he is going to keep providing liquidity and would not be abandoning the project. He will be discussing with developer to see what we can do to recover the project. Maybe implement some CORE-like features since it’s unruggable and has a lot of hype. If there’s any front-end devs with React experience that would be interested in assisting with a community-token project, please feel free to reach him out.

However, most are not buying ImNotTheWolf’s story and are calling him a scammer. One poor soul lost more than 80,000 dollars after he bought MANY tokens due to rumored OkEx listing announcement.