EMN Token creator exit scams with 16M dollars

EMN token creator has exit scammed by dumping all of his tokens in one go on Uniswap exchange, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that lets you trad without any KYC or sign up.

Emn exit scam

He has taken out 16 million dollars and many are saying that this this $16 million EMN exit scam feels bigger than the $150 million Kucoin hack because all the EMN victims are on twitter.

This EMN token was promoted heavily on Twitter by promoters and so-called crypto whales. Almost all investors in EMN project are on twitter. It’s because it happened so fast too, and Twitter was the information distribution network so mainly those on this platform were affected.

One investor poured in $130,548 dollars worth of Ethereum for EMN. Later on, after just four hours, he sold his EMN for mere $368 as the developer pulled an exit scammed.

Chaining God on twitter said, “Me aping in and getting rugged by $EMN all within an hour is now forever etched onto the blockchain for all of eternity. Please don’t buy it, just admire my degeneracy in all its on-chain NFT glory. ”

Whales like Blue Kirby asked other p s to buy EMN as well. “A mystery unfolding before our eyes. What’s cooking? Not sure but I just market bought $EMN like a degen because I don’t want to be left out this time. “