Download Nanollet, a unique new Nano wallet


Nanollet is a unique new nano wallet. Unlike other wallets, there is no central server, making it the most decentralized nano wallet available today.

What makes Nanollet different from rest of the Nano android and iOS wallets is the fact that it is available for desktop that includes support for both Linux and Windows operating systems. And you also add another layer of security by installing 2FA on your phone.

Nanollet is totally open source and free for everyone. So yes, you can visit the github of Nanollet and take a peek at the source code yourself. It is totally free to use and there are no charges too while sending / receiving Nano coins.

Nanollet is totally decentralized and unlike other Nano wallets, there is no central server.

Nanollet, like official Nano’s mobile wallet, does not requires you to wait for node to be synchronized. Just download it and start using it right away. Think of it like electrum but much faster since Nano is structurally quite different from bitcoin and most of the other cryptocurrencies out there.