Zcoin halving date 2020 – XZC block reward halving information

Everyone is excited about Bitcoin halving. Zcoin that trades under XZC symbol on binance is also going to under block reward halving in September 2020.

zcoin xzc halving

As expected, Zcoin developers are concerned that this will increase scarcity and less funds for developers as well.

Continued sustainable funding for development and research
Accountability, transparency, and checks and balances of the core team
Ensuring continued community growth through miners and Znodes
Greater involvement of community with consensus-seeking decision making

Developers along with community have reached an agreement that developer reward will be extended to 20 percent.

The reward of 12.5 XZC per block is divided as follows:

Miners: 50% (6.25 XZC)
Znodes: 35% (4.375 XZC)
Development Fund: 15% (1.875 XZC)

The Development Fund has additional limitations:

The development fund is coded in for an additional 4 years after halving.
It is subject to a community review at year 2 and year 4 to assess its need and amount. Discussions should begin at least 6 months before the end of year 2 and 4.
In the event of Zcoin’s price rising, should the development fund exceed approximately 100,000 USD/month, any excess past 100,000 USD/month should be placed in a separate public address and shall be named the Zcoin Reserve Fund.