Top 20 reasons to buy PivX!


PivX has grown tremendously over the past one year. The bear market prove to be harsh for the PivX but that did not destroy the fundamentals of this powerful, privacy coin. So here are top 20 reasons why you should have PivX in your cryptocurrency portfolio.

1. First ever zerocoin proof of stake cryptocurrency
2. Masternodes and zPoS create true self governance
3. Masternode rewards around 7%
4. Instant transactions under 3 seconds with fast confirmations
5. Decentralized development team of community volunteers
6. zDEX coming out and rewards go to masternodes
7. Tx are minimal and only exist to prevent spam
8. Tx fees are burnt and the circulating supply can be deflationary
9. Only real competitor to Dash and is 20x less by market cap
10. Price is much cheaper now from ATH
11. Cold storage hardware wallet masternode collateral support
12. PIVX Treasury ensures development will always continue
13. Amazing dev team support
14. Built in wallet proposals
15. Snappy Snap PIVX Press keeping the community informed
16. PIVX is focused on real world use and sponsors a Polish soccer team
17. PIVX Class instructional youtube channel
18. Deterministic zPIV Wallet
19. Zerocoin privacy is real privacy
20. UPF