Telegram Open Network (TON) Token to get listed on CEX Crypto Exchange

We have received confirmation from that Telegram token, TON is going to get listed there. This makes one of the first few exchanges to offer Telegram Open Network token for purchase after ICO.

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The Telegram Open Network (TON), one of the loudest blockchain projects ever, has entered the final preparation stage before going live. In 2018, TON conducted a much-anticipated ICO and raised $1.7 billion. It was so successful that the target funds were collected during a few closed pre-ICOs. The public ICO round was cancelled, leaving lots of people upset about not being able to invest in a promising project.

While the entire industry is waiting for the official release, we are getting ready to hit the ground running and list Gram once the network goes live. TONs of excitement and not a GRAM of doubt that we want to be one of the first to offer the much-anticipated tokens to our users.
Stay on the lookout! It’s any moment now! And, if you feel GRAM is your kind of token, spare yourself a hassle on the day it does live, and deposit your funds to be ready.

Only a handful of private investors were able to participate in the Telegram’s ICO and that is why there is so much hype behind this. will be the first few cryptocurrency exchanges to offer TON.