Red Pulse partners with TalentSnap to disrupt hiring process


Red Pulse is excited to announce that they have partnered up with TalentSnap, a revolutionary new project that aims to disrupt the hiring process through the application of machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

TalentSnap will utilize a decentralized, encrypted blockchain to re-instill the power of data and monetization back into the hands of its rightful owners. The platform will automate the hiring process by leveraging TalentSnap’s evolving FitScore technology, thereby creating a transparent and efficient ecosystem that is poised to disrupt the growing $400 Bn/year hiring industry.

In partnership with Red Pulse, TalentSnap will leverage its unique capacity to introduce best-in-class professionals to the Red Pulse expert network, thereby creating a dedicated priority onboarding channel for TalentSnap users to become paid contributors to our open research ecosystem.

This is a press release and posted as it was sent to us.