PivX 3.3.0 wallet release imminent

PivX team has been testing v3.3.0 and so far, they’ve achieved positive results. They’ll also be taking care of zPiv v1.


Here’s what the pivx team has posted on discord

Our 3.3.0 testnet testing is coming to a close! We’ve had over a week’s time to allow for testers to participate in the spending of testnet zPIV and to give feedback. Thus far, all the feedback we have received has been positive, and neither ourselves or any tester has found any issues with the spending of testnet zPIV.

They will be moving forward with the release of 3.3.0 shortly after the upcoming budget superblock, which is currently scheduled to occur on or around June 16th. We decided to goto release after the superblock so as to avoid any potential miscounts in votes due to MNs being restarted, which will be required due to the protocol update. And, just so everyone is aware well in advance, 3.3.0 will be a mandatory update. We will be giving the standard ~7 days update window, with zPIV spending capabilities being restored between June 25 and June 28.

It is important to note that v1 zPIV, which was announced as deprecated on May 1, 2018, and new v1 mints being disallowed on May 8, 2018, will NOT be spendable in the initial 3.3.0 release. They are not abandoning those with v1 zPIV, not by any means, but in order to allow for the majority of zPIV to be spent (which is v2 zPIV) sooner rather than later, a decision needed to be made to exclude v1 zPIV for the time being. v1 zPIV spending will be restored in a future update.