Passive income with Litecoin made possible with WanSwap

wanswap litecoin

Wanswap is an excellent, easy to use decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to wrap your Litecoin as wanLTC which essentially makes it a token. This allows you to earn interest with nice APY. It is an innovative crosschain automatic market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX).

WASP – wanLTC pair is already now live with x1 rewards on Wanswap. Fees are less than 1000th of Ethereum blockchain. This is because it is a DAPP on wanchain which is much more efficient than Etheruem.

Back in May, they added wanICP pair which allows to trade WASP with ICP coins. Doge coin was also added.

All these things allow you make some extra money on the side by doing yield farming in WanSwap. So finally, we have a usecase for Dogecoin which was previous made as a meme coin. Infact, Dogecoin has higher farming rewards compared to Litecoin – x3 vs x1.

To get an idea on the Wanswap can be used to exchange tokens, check out this video.

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