Nano Wallet Desktop 1.1.0 released

Nano team has released v1.1.0 of the Nano desktop wallet.

Here is the changelog of the v1.1.0 release:

* Upgraded node from V14.2 to V15.2, which includes vote by hash
* Several fixes and UI improvements surrounding send functionality
* Ability to scroll through the account carousel
* Further increased security
* Various performance improvements

Nano Wallet Desktop

Bug Fixes

* electron: disable download badge (e773ac3)
* electron: only log RPC requests during development (91b8ca2)
* electron: remove old node logs when upgrading to next version (2c98ff3)
* intl: fix ru-ru YAML formatting (88747d4)
* nano-prefix: added new helper for xrb -> nano conversion (6fa7edf)


* carousel: horizontal mouse scroll (e548d7c)
* electron: show native progress when extracting/verifying assets (f568456)
* electron: upgrade the node to V15.2 (dca1d6b)

Performance Improvements

* electron: reduce default node resource maximums

Windows and macOS users will be asked if they want to automatically update. Linux users should download and install the latest.

You can download the wallet from here