Nano Node V15.2 available for download

The Nano Node v15 and v15.1 were not formally announced but the v15.2 is here. Earlier versions were downloaded by users resulting in the local files nanocurrency / nano:V15.0 or nanocurrency / nano: V15.1. And since the files would have had to be manually cleared in a v15.0 re-release, the version number was changed to 15.2.

nano node

One of the main features of the Nano Node v15.2 was ability to change to vote by hash. In older versions, each representatives vote included the full block, which is a total of 256 bytes + 64 bytes for the representative’s signature. When this feature is activated, the votes will only include the block hash, which results in votes being 32 bytes + 64 bytes for the signature.

This feature will, however be activated on 1st of September 2018 at UTC+0. One must update their Nano Node software before this very date as other versions will not be compatible anymore.

Full changelog of Nano Node v15.2.

Updated rep_weights.bin for bootstrap weights.
Do not vote if voting is disabled in config.
Ensure full blocks are not generated by “compute_rep_votes”.

Here are the hashes.

fd7e7978b22c32d93423c5416ff8bbf78ed38d190b2089161391eabb746d84dc *Nano_15.2.0-Darwin.dmg
ff6e43bd8ec226455d2065fb0f7a28bc592dc3bc93fb88b11e4ae6241887adbe *Nano_15.2.0-Linux.tar.bz2
e8462fa57369f1d4c6174e8aab70e7e448b8265c5c5b38663871d9537f8e2bd9 *Nano_15.2.0-Win64.exe

You can download Nano Node v15.2 from here.