Metal Pay app adds support for Apple Pay

Metal Pay has integrated their sign-in process with Apple ID to make it easier than ever to get into your Metal Pay account. When seconds matter and you’re trying to get in, make a purchase, and get out, using your Apple ID ensures this whole process runs smoothly.

Metal pay 2.6

Of course, by using Apple Pay, you will enjoy reduced sign-in time, faster movement in and out of the app, and an overall better experience.

If you do not see this feature, then you must upgrade to latest version of Metal Pay which at time of writing this article is v2.6.

Other than Apple Pay integration, Metal Pay developers have also made plethora of improvements to sign-up process.

Also updated are trading screens that have been improved to tell you whenever you are buying or selling bitcoins and altcoins. Trading fees for certain cryptocurrencies such as TUSD, XMT and XPR are still zero for this version so if you want to add any of those cryptos to your stack, now is time to buy them.

Other than that, there are several user interface improvements which may not become obvious to existing users.