McAfee accountant steals 50-100 million dollars in cryptocurrency

Horrible news is coming out of Team McAfee CEO. Their accountant, Luke Jenkins, has stolen millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency. Jenkins was hired to receive, account for and hold tokens or payments received by John McAfee and team. He worked for more than an year and had established decent trust.

Luke Jenkins

Jimmy Watson who is the CEO of Team McAfee said that Luke is refusing to give back the cryptocurrencies from past two months. Hundred of individuals have sent complaints to Team McAfee about this from the past two months.

That said, Luke Jenkins and his girlfriend Gemma say that Team McAfee is like a never ending show. He has left America as their vision and moral with the cryptocurrencies are very different. Luke added that in the tweet that it appears that McAfee and his team do not want him in the space. It is like a soap opera.

Clearly, he and his GF are not treating the allegations seriously and have left the country.

McAfee tweeted that both of these top conspirators in the theft of over $62 mil in tokens from us, are trying to unload the stolen tokens. They are using DEX.TOP  and HitBTC. Nearly every other exchange is cooperating with us.  Why these 2? Are they also involved?