Ledger hardware wallet website is selling users personal data

Ledger is the best selling cryptocurrency hardware wallet and you would hope they make a massive return with their wide range of hardware wallets. Earlier, they were just saving user’s information so that they can ‘better recommend’ them products next time they visit their website but this time, they are selling it for profit. 

ledger privacy

Some would argue that they are literally just complying with the California consumer protection law’s requirement to make this available, whether they sell information or not. We believe that it is a question for Ledger but putting this opt-out page up is simply complying with the law. 

However, the fact is that Ledger is selling personal data by default. The fact that they are complying with law does not make the default sale of personal info any less sleazy.

What’s scary is that the US are so far behind the likes of the EU in actually enforcing this as an option. 

Their complacency still runs unchecked. Many staking networks’ CLIs only support Ledger as a hardware wallet option. Having a monopoly on that market doesn’t help things. 

So what does this means? Well, you are storing your cryptocurrency on a compliant device which can be a good thing or a bad thing – depending on the way you see it. We hope this feature does not makes its way to their app, Ledger Live which is used for managing cryptocurrencies.