How to buy Bitcoin with PayTm using PaxFul

buy bitcoin using paytm on paxful

Even thought Bitcoin is banned in India, it is still possible to buy or sell Bitcoin with PayTm using PaxFul service. Paxful is committed to providing financial opportunities for people all over the world. Bitcoin is becoming a powerhouse in India and they are excited to continue bringing our technology to both current and future customers.

Paytm is, of course, one of India’s most popular online wallets, allowing users to send and receive money, pay bills, purchase goods, and much more with ease. Now, people will have the option of using Paytm transfers to buy bitcoin on Paxful.

Keep in mind that buying bitcoin using PayTM does not makes you anonymous. When you register on PayTM, you must do KYC by providing your government issued ID to start sending or receiving money.

The popularity of bitcoin is spreading quickly and Paxful vows to be there every step of the way. Be sure to log in to your account and check out some great offers in India. For more updates and news on everything bitcoin, stay tuned to our blog and follow PaxFul on our social handles.