Finexbox Review – Finexbox not processing deposits or withdrawals

Finexbox is a small cryptocurrency exchange. Their representatives have been often said to be contacting crypto projects that get listed on Coinmarketcap, which is most popular price tracking website for cryptocurrencies.

finexbox review

Finexbox’s deposits and withdrawal issue

However, we have been made aware by myriad users and even developers that have complained about Finexbox exchange not processing their withdrawals and in many cases, their deposits.

Also, the deposits and withdrawals are both done manually. This makes us feel that Finexbox is not maintaining nodes of any coin whatsoever.

Their exchange is just an interface and if you are lucky, they will process your withdrawal. If you make a big deposit on Finexbox, consider it gone as most likely your tickets will not be answered. They will never do the withdrawal. The funds of yours are gone forever.

Finexbox stopping users from raising their voice on Twitter

In their latest tweets, Finexbox has disabled comments so that no one complains about their pending withdrawals or deposits. Here is a screenshot of such tweet.

finexbox review

If you do not believe us, here are complaints of users in their older tweets where comments were allowed. In many cases, withdrawals are pending since June 2020. That’s four months of wait.

finexbox withdrawals

Finexbox uses users’ funds to trade on other exchanges

One developer told us that Finexbox even started using their coins for trading on other cryptocurrency exchanges which comes as a shock to us. They said they caught Finexbox trading their tokens on a DEX whose transactions are recorded on a blockchain.

When approached about this, Finexbox said every exchange does it so why point us out. The developer replied that no exchange does this and even if they do, it is wrong to trade those coins / tokens as they belong to the users and not the exchange.

Honestly, this is nothing but shameful behavior by Finexbox.

Finexbox does not process deposits or their withdrawals. They do not reply back to the emails or support tickets.

Do not deposit any funds, especially top tier cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. They will not let you ever withdraw them.