Ethereum Classic Mantis Client updated by IOHK

IOHK has released an updated version of Mantis client for Ethereum Classic. This is a noteworthy contribution to Ethereum Classic’s ecosystem.

ethereum classic mantis

Mantis is written from ground up and offers unrivaled levels of assurance, security and usability. IOHK also back an ETC testnet, Sagano which further pushes their innovation within Ethereum Classic ecosystem and is resilient to 51% attacks. Sagano testnet is only available to Mantis users and not available on any other Ethereum Classic wallets or clients.

Both Sagano and mainnet are integrated in this well designed and intuitive full node wallet. It can take 12 hours to download entire blockchain. Mantis is coded in Scala that assures security guarantees not offered by other programming languages.

In other words, Mantis will be flagship client for entire Ethereum community including developers and end users.  A CLI version is also available for download.

End users should download the Mantis wallet which has GUI and lets you easily send and receive Ethereum Classic coins on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. However, if you are a DAPP developer, miner, network supporter or a large business, consider running Mantis Client.