Ethereum Classic derivation address on Ledger Nano

Ethereum Classic recently underwent a hard fork and ever since then, it has been under maintenance mode. Due to this, ETC coins are not visible and balance is being shown as zero.

Ethereum Bitcoin

Your Ethereum Classic coins aren’t lost and they are still on blockchain. With Ledger Nano S / X, we are in complete control of our funds but Ledger website isn’t much helpful in telling us the custom derivation address so that we can access our ethereum classic coins using MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet web applications.

Visit on your web browser and make sure you are not in incognito mode. We used chrome. Also, connect your Ledger Nano S or X and open Ethereum Classic app on it.

Select Ledger on mycrypto’s website and Ethereum Classic network from top right corner or webpage. The default network is ethereum, and not ethereum classic.

Webpage will now show you bunch of addresses. From drop down list, select custom and enter this in empty field m/44’/61’/0’/0

Click on tick and your Ledger’s ethereum classic addresses will show up. Tap unlock and manage your ETC holdings. You will have to approve transactions on your Ledger Nano S/X just like you do inside Ledger Live application.