Dash Wallet brings social payments to Android and iOS wallets

Dash Core Group has churned out v0.17 of Dash Pay wallet which brings concept of social payments to the table. Being touted as biggest deployment of Dash platform, this v0.17 release is most important update of their long term version for mainstream adoption.

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Dash team has confirmed that with v0.17, Dash Pay wallet will improve the experience of cryptocurrency transactions removing need for cryptographic addresses with blockchain identities and usernames that can be used to send and receive funds on the network expanding the overall utility of Dash ecosystem.

Their Dash Pay wallet is available for all platforms.

This update is already available on testnet for further testnet so if you download Dash Pay wallet right now, it would be missing these new updates as non-testnet version, v0.16, lacks all these exciting updates. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for long to get our hands on these updates.

If you cannot wait, you can enroll into Dash’s Alpha Program and download Dash Pay wallet for either android or iOS. Dash Core group team has made clear in their announcement that they won’t be moving this update from testnet to mainnet anytime soon. This is important in order to iron-out the issues and do proper testing.