Dash coin fundamental analysis 2021

Dashpay is really really powerful, no other username based system is as good as Dash’s, anyone who mentions thornames, unstoppable domains, elrond names, etc. is comparing centralized, single address or other compromised name services with a complex, decentralized, private extended pub-key sharing based system. Try DashPay out on testnet if you haven’t already.

dash fundamental analysis 2021

– DashDirect is huge, albeit being relatively simple. With it you will be able to instantly use Dash at the point of sale to spend at 200k+ stores across the US and many online stores too. It is a system that can be rapidly expanded internationally too. I have seen the demos, I have tried the app – this is a big deal. You also have to give it time, the expectation of a big splash or huge launch is just unrealistic. The first users will be MNOs and active community participants, in time this will grow as part of a full product, but overnight successes are years in the making and you will see this here too. The best thing you can do is use it and shout about it, the more people that look at how usable Dash is, both independently and in comparison to their crypto of choice, the better.

– The incubator is building out a full DashPay ecosystem, including a social chat based wallet, dapps like a decentralized twitter and kickstarter, governance improvements, decentralized exchange (thorchain) integrations etc. unfortunately in Dash moreso than elsewhere; ‘under promise and overdeliver’ needs to be at the forefront of our minds. We’ve all seen the massive expectations built upon Evo and the overpromising there due to it being hugely novel tech – these things are very very hard to forecast. None of our developers or teams in the incubator / or DCG have time to manage stakeholders, marketing is not their focus right now, building is, and it should be kept that way.

There definitely has been inefficiencies, and I’m not saying the gripes people air here aren’t valid to some degree, but if you look at the work being done on the incubator, install the Dash Pay test net wallet, appreciate the impact the DIF is having – we are doing better than ever, regardless of whether the market sees that right now.

Just hold fast, Dash Direct will be launched soon, platform by end of year, the whole platform ecosystem the incubator is launching hopefully alongside it.

On Dash Retail stuff we have built an international Dash credit/debit on-ramp with multiple connected partners in closed alpha right now that we’re expanding to ACH / bank transfer / apple pay / google pay, we’re rebranding our commercial offering as some of you know to CTX.com, we have fiat off-ramping both directly through ourselves and integrations into Binance, Kraken and soon others. We have 50 hardware POS devices and 10,000 Dash NFC cards in Venezuela, with more to come in time. We were accepted to an accelerator in Vancouver. We are working on ecommerce integrations for woocommerce, shopify, magento etc. and there is a ton more happening there too. I get I am ‘paid’ somewhat by the network (no proposal in 4 months or something hah.) but there’s a lot that we can do as individuals too.

It’s easy to be negative with the market how it is, but it’s far more beneficial to look at all the good, to see how many talented people are working hard to improve Dash, to see everything happening in incubator, to see everything happening in Venezuela and all the community members working for free and volunteering their time for the cause.

I am incredibly positive about Dash, If your view of Dash is jilted in many areas, based on years of poor experience, or whatever is going on in the market. You owe it to yourself to get a good understanding of all the good that is happening too. Sure we could be making more noise about that, but that’s secondary to the building great shit, which many many people are working to do right now.

There’s a movement happening right now to build a marketing incubator, and Arden is definitely working hard to help Dash from the DCG side – if price action is what you want then that is no doubt worth backing. Otherwise, look at what is really being built, try out Dash Pay, look at the incubator output, look at all the teams and see the real value there, then you might feel half as positive as I do.