Cream Finance delists SWAG token as supply and borrow collateral

Cream Finance has announced on their twitter channel that CREAM has opted to delist SWAG token as supply / borrow collateral on their platform. There is a full asset review underway and Cream Finance will be sharing further updates as they become available.

cream finance

Cream Finance will be taking active steps to improve the safety and security of all money markets. This includes:

– Full security review
– Full asset audit
– 0 collateral protocol lending
– Leveraged yield: yearn and curve
– Isolated risk/lending pairs
– Tokenized debt

Lending in Cream is a compound clone. Hence, likely to be whatever that uses. This information was released by Andre Cronje on his twitter account. Cream Finance is not a food-themed DeFi platform. The name was inspired by the WuTangClan track C.R.E.A.M. and sports a similarly sounding for meme-ability.

So there you go. Cream Finance is a serious project and a lot of progress is being made on this DeFi project. For instance, Cream and Yearn merged. Yearn was ready to save Pickle Finance so soon after the hack.  Now they’re combining developer ecosystems with Cream Finance.