Coinfield bought by Global Fintech Trading Limited

Coinfield is delighted to share with its users the exciting news that CoinField has been acquired by Global Fintech Trading Limited (GFT) which is a private company engaged in arranging and financing Fintech related acquisitions and investments on a global basis.


GFT has made this acquisition for the purpose of onward sale into the US Public Company TINGO Mobile Plc (OTCQB:IWBB)

This achievement is an incredible milestone for CoinField and the team. After years of nonstop advancing our trading engine, here is a proud moment in which Coinfield  is eternally thankful for all its customers who have always been supportive.

CoinField will continue providing its service and enlarge the organization to serve customers globally. This cryptocurrency exchange is committed to bring a reliable trading engine and broaden the business worldwide.
CoinField is proud to confirm its clean status as a site that has never been hacked and we pride ourselves on customer security.

Combined, Global Fintech Trading Limited (GFT) – Tingo Mobile and CoinField are strengthening the opportunity for growth expansion in international markets.

TINGO Mobile Plc has 9.34 mobiles in Africa and will look to preload the CoinField App onto all new mobiles being provided with the next 1 million phones already preloaded, additionally marketing with existing users to download the CoinField app will commence by November 2021.

CoinField’s trading platform and its mobile application are available to trade 24/7. You can quickly deposit, withdraw funds and trade confidently in your currency of choice.

There will be no change in the business operations and all clients will continue to be served with the same great quality of services as before.