Cobinhood exchange did NOT pull an exit scam

A guy on reddit explains why he does not thinks Cobinhood exchange pulled an exit scam. He tried applying for a job there and lives in same city where Cobinhood exchange’s HQ was.


I live in Taipei and I tried applying to work for these guys a long time ago. The biggest issue with the company is their 26 year old CEO. Location of the company was pretty legit. They were based in Taipei 101 which is a building that is basically equal to the Empire State Building in New York. I was personally looking for evidence that they may have been squatting this entire time because I applied to work for them literally 10 different times and they didn’t get back to me at all. I only saw a slightly cringe-worthy live stream on their Facebook fan page which could have been shot from anywhere and I couldn’t tell if it was inside the building that they were allegedly located at or not.

Other issues: a friend of mine said that they had a problem with their website that would forcibly make your computer mine ethereum for their profit.

The CEO of that company used to work for the guy who made the Mithril token.

Google searched cobinhoods Chinese name and I found this article that says they’ve officially stopped all business. Taiwanese news source.

EDIT 2: I don’t think this is an exit scam, to be honest. I lived in Xinyi District of Taipei for over a year and dug around buying houses in that part of Taipei. You would need a million USD just to buy a 10 year old single story apartment with a master bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Further, Taiwan is an island with security cameras and news reports everywhere (reporters in this country are so bored they’ll make news reports on old people pushing their own wheel-chairs for exercise, even bullying them and asking “If you can stand and walk, do you really need a wheel chair?”) The guys who used to run the exchange couldn’t walk the streets anywhere in Taiwan for 5 minutes let alone get on an airplane and leave, without being noticed.

I think they will go to some sort of bankruptcy court where they get ordered to return all investor funds, whether they can afford to or not.

Cody Wilson, the pro-crypto guy that was selling blue prints for plastic printable guns, flew out to Taipei before and there was a warrant on him. Not even 48 hours after the man hunt began here he was arrested by Taiwanese police and extradited to the USA.

Here are few pictures from the job-hunting website I was using when I browsed their job listings. The first screenshot is just a position I applied for and the red box highlights there location (Literally Taipei City, XinYi District, 101 Skyscraper).

Other screenshots (not shown here) are just a bunch of job listings they literally didn’t fill for whatever dumb reason. The reason why you see the job posting is listed in English but the main interface is in Chinese is because Taipei is an international city, and many companies want to hire people that speak English relatively well (especially when dealing with foreign clients and business partners). So, this is the indirect way of saying, “If you are fully capable of reading this job posting then you might be qualified, apply to this job posting with an 800 character message in English summarizing how you meet all of our applicant requirements.”