Browser focused account management tool for Ethereum Classic and Ethereum is a browser focused account management tool for Ethereum Classic and Ethereum. Under the hood, you will find an Apache 2.0 license and documentation driven JSON-RPC API and developer tools.

sig tools is a tool to enable the distributed creation and (non-custodial) management of cryptographic accounts for the Ethereum Stack. Also, can not recover funds so keep your keyfile safe.

If you lose your private keys, no-one, including Ethereum Classic developers can return lost funds. This is because private keys are not controlled by developers.

Ethereum classic and Ethereum blockchains give users full control over their funds. So while no-one can steal your funds, no one can help you to return your funds if they get lost.

Keep in mind that is still in early development stage and there can bugs here and there.

With, you can create a new account and stores it locally as a passphrase-encoded keystore file. Just create an account name and set up a passphrase to create your account.

Visit for more information. As mentioned earlier, it is in early stages so there can be unexpected glitches.