Blue Wallet adds Payjoin support


The latest version of Blue Wallet, a bitcoin wallet, adds support for Payjoin. Payjoin is a type of Coin Join tech where both sender and the receiver coordinate to build a Bitcoin transaction.

Unlike a regular Bitcoin transaction, where only the sender spends from their wallet, a payjoin packages up inputs from both the sender and the receiver, with the receiver sending extra coins to themselves. In other words, you are poisoning the chain analysis data by breaking the most basic heuristic of their technique: the common input owner.

This is a fantastic way of improving the privacy without moving to other privacy centric cryptocurrencies like Monero and PivX.

This video shows how PayJoin actually works.

Other things that are fixed in this version include following:

– Rare crash on startup (electrum server)
– Freezes on send screen
– Bitcoin price widget content overlap
– Biometrics on some devices
– Add margin for RTL languages

Blue Wallet is available for both iOS and Android devices. Desktop version is also available. If play store is not available, you can download APK from their website and side load it.

You can download bluewallet from here.