Bitplaza adds Doge as payment method

Doge coin community did it again, winning the poll made by Bitplaza which will allow Dogecoin users to use doge as alternative payment method on Bitplaza application. The results went like this – 69% dogecoin, 16% litecoin, 8% ethereum and remaining 5% went to Bitcoin Cash.


Some users on twitter are saying this is part of marketing 101 and Bitplaza did this poll for building hype and free advertisement on various dogecoin enthusiasts including dogecoin subreddit that is home to over two million dogecoin subscribers.

Also, Bitplaza appears to be overpriced whenever anyone wants to pay using cryptocurrencies and this might scare people away from using cryptocurrency for buying goods.

That said, we are happy to see dogecoin being accepted by more and more businesses and establishments. Bitplaza will be adding dogecoin support to their app on October 4th 2021.

A lot of news about businesses adopting doge as alternate currency is coming all of sudden? Will Tesla soon allow dogecoin users to purchase their cars. Highly likely since Elon Musk is a huge fan of doge. This cryptocurrency has made huge progress due to Elon and we are sure it still has plenty of steam left in tank.