Bitgrail lawsuit closed due to lack of merit, great news for Nano

nano lawsuit

Legal complaint against members of Nano Foundation, previously known as Bitgrail, has been withdrawn as the case lacked merit. Nano foundation is now working towards the goal of making Nano a universally accepted global currency.

The person who filed the case wanted the court to order Nano Foundation to fork the Nano like Ethereum did after the DAO hack. But its not possible to fork Nano because there is no block height.

And why did he wanted Nano to fork? He did not hold crypto on his own wallet and leaves it on exchange that gets hacked, then goes full tilt and drops after realizing he has no case against the creators of the cryptocurrency.

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, positive news and core team/ 3rd party developments around Nano just keeps on coming, week after week like clockwork. But, the price has completely failed to reflect that. It’s fair to say Nano will be one of the coins with the strongest rebounds once this next imminent crypto bull run begins, if not the #1 strongest rebound.