Bitcoin POS Review – Bitcoin POS is a scam

Bitcoin POS is a new cryptocurrency launched by known Ponzi specialists from Germany. It is yet another cryptocurrency that uses bitcoin in its name to attract investors. While Bitcoin POS’ code is very much similar to OG Bitcoin, it makes use Proof of Stake consensus instead of Proof of Work like in case of real bitcoin.

bitcoin pos review

Bitcoin POS is a scam

No github activity

There are not files present on Bitcoin POS’s github which is very questionable. All software downloadable from their website is closed source.

bitcoin pos github

Also, their github account was created on 4th December 2020 so the project is not even month old.

Pre mining of BPS coins

Quite of a lot of pre mining of Bitcoin POS coins was done before official launch. The rewards are coded to reduce after every 700,000 blocks. At its official launch, 5000 blocks were already mined even before their github account was created.

This is clearly a red flag.

Questionable crypto currency exchange listings

Bitcoin POS has been listed on either small or questionable exchange listings, one of which is Finexbox which is a well known scam in cryptocurrency world. BPS is currently listed on hotbit, bilaxy, finexbox, coin tiger and Crex24.

Out of these, only Crex24 is well-known and reputable. However, with total trading volume of less than 200,000 dollars, Bitcoin POS is clearly not a trust worthy project.

Paid press releases

When you pair the aforementioned reasons with paid press releases on websites that have nothing to do with  cryptocurrencies, you are looking at scam in front of your eyes. This includes likes of onvista, daily mirror, computer world, motor newspaper and even local newspapers.