Bilaxy exchange hacked, hot wallet compromised

bilaxy exchange hacked

Bilaxy, a cryptocurrency exchange with more than 338 million dollars of trading volume. Right now, the website of Bilaxy is offline, claiming maintenance. The exchange has informed its telegram users that its hot wallet was hacked. The details of the attack are not clear at this time. The alleged attackers Ethereum address currently holds over 450 million dollars’ worth of assets.

The hacker has already started transferring funds from Ethereum wallet to other exchanges and mixers. 0xA14d5DA3C6BF2D9304FE6D4BC6942395b4dE048b is hacker’s Ethereum address. You can see that funds were transferred into it from Bilaxy2 hotwallet on August-28-2021 06:19:55 PM +UTC. This hotwallet now contains just ~3 Ether along with just $100k worth of crypto.


Over 20M dollars were sent to aforementioned ethereum address and another 20M to 0x9ba3560231e3e0ad7dde23106f5b98c72e30b468.

If the reported information is accurate, attackers have stolen over a billion USD worth of crypto just in the month of August. Poly network hack attack is included in the total even though the funds were returned.

Bilaxy team is asking users not to send any funds to their Bilaxy accounts. People, naturally, are angry due to lack of transparency.

Some on telegram are saying it is an inside hack. Watch this space for more updates as this is a developing story.