Automated Market Makers live on StellarX

Have you heard about Automated Market Makers (AMMs) on Stellar yet? They are already available on StellarX, a decentralized exchange. You can now access Automated Market Makers on StellarX to deposit funds into liquidity pools, track your Automated Market Makers positions and even create new pools.


Automated market makers (AMMs) allow anyone to provide liquidity to market pairs on an exchange creating more fluid markets. In return, liquidity providers earn a share of the fees from the trades that happen in their pools.

The Stellar network upgraded to a new protocol version a week ago and now supports AMMs natively on the network. When trading on StellarX, users will now be able to make use of orderbooks as well as the native AMMs for a better trading experience.

Right now, users get free AQUA tokens and one AQUA token is around 0.012 XLM at time of writing of this article. So, if you can provide decent liquidity on Stellar exchanges, you can earn a lot of AQUA tokens.

This is being done to spruce up liquidity which was non existent on Stellar network. Aquarius projects vows to tackle this issue by rewarding those who provide liquidity.